Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Having Hubby Home Again and Date Night: Mongolian BBQ

I am SO happy to finally have my hubby home with me!! 
After being away almost 3 whole days, I was beginning to feel lost without him! 
Before you go and think the worst, let me tell you where he has been... Every year the men at our church have what they call a "Men's Retreat" they go up into the mountains and have a good time. The theme is "Fire on the Mountain". They have bible studies, life lesson classes, discussions and so much more. The point is to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and re-evaluate the way you are living and re-evaluate the way you treat your wife/children/God. Also to revive and strengthen both your marriage and your walk with God. Brian came home so pumped and re-focused. Also, to have a great time doing guy stuff {whatever that is...}. Although he says he missed me the whole time {right...}, I'm so happy he went! Ha!
Back to things that have been new here at our place. 

Well, I have been working like a crazy person over here. I've started a new job {along with having the pre-school position}. So that has been keeping me pretty busy... I've been working almost every day doing training and all that fun stuff you do when starting a new job! Ha! 

So... I leave tomorrow for Maryland and the next morning we turn around and leave for New York! Busy, busy girls! {see post HERE} I'm SUPER stoked! I haven't even begun to pack and I should be doing that instead of blogging, but oh well... It will get done somehow, even if it turns out to be at like 2 in the morning. Hehe :) Poor Brian, he has to put up with so much! {But he loves it!}

Today has been a fabulous day so far. I worked from 8-1 {ran outta gas on my way home from work, but we are pretending that never happened-DRAMA} then I had a pedicure this afternoon. The hubby and and I walked to Mongolian BBQ for dinner before he had his Small Group. I have never been to Mongolian BBQ and I can't believe I waited so long to go! It was amazing! You pile as much meat, noodles and veggies as you can into a bowl and they cook it all up for you! So neato! Here are some photos of our date...

 Isn't he just the cutest thing you've ever seen?!?!

Paying for our meal... 

Well, I'm off to get my eyebrows threaded and make a last minute Target run!!

Happy Tuesday Lovely Friends!!

Much Love,

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