Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ladies Tea

Every May the ladies at my church put on this HUGE event. It's called "Ladies Tea". 
It's a fabulous tea party and great time of mingling and fellowship...
My MIL is on the committee and asked if I would like to help out this year with decorating/whatever they needed. I of course said yes. My college roomie {Mary} also was asked by her MIL to help. We had a great time all morning/afternoon Saturday setting up and making sure everything was picture perfect!
I love this event because I feel it encourages us to celebrate being a woman. We get to dress up and go to a beautifully decorated "Tea Party". It's a great day to be a woman! Ha! 
Here are a few shots I got through the night. I didn't get as many because I had to work that night and get there about an hour late. But it was ok, I still got to have fun and enjoy the evening :)

Mine and Mary's tea cups.
Here I am keeping my pinky up-HA!
I fell in love with these two little people, so stinkin' cute
Roomies re-united. So happy she moved back to CA. 

After clean-up I was able to take these beauties home with me. Love having fresh flowers around!
Have a beautiful Sunday!

That's all for now folks!!

Much Love,

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  1. How pretty! You made me laugh with your pinky up!