Friday, May 18, 2012

Food Friday: Quesadillas

Good morning lovely friends. Did you miss last times Food Friday? If so click HERE to get the recipe for my wonderful Taco Cups. On to today's Food Friday...
I am going to let you in on a wonderful secret. Hubby and I make quesadillas like 2 or 3 times a week for lunch! They are in no way "authentic" but they are down right amazing. Brian makes the best ones you will ever taste {even with ground turkey}! "Ground turkey" you may say? 
Try this easy way of making them! You will not be disappointed!
All you need is:
Quesadilla maker {we got ours for a wedding gift {thanks AMY}, Target also sells them for around $20.00}
Seasoned Ground Turkey
Mexican Cheese
Whole Wheat Tortillas

Here is a photo of the tortillas I use and the quesadilla maker we have.

STEP 1: Brown your turkey and add seasoning to your liking. 

STEP 2: Put together your quesadilla like so. Layering tortilla, cheese, meat then sprinkle on top more cheese.
STEP 3: Set your prepared quesadilla onto warmed quesadilla maker. Place second tortilla on top. Close lid of quesadilla maker and let "cook" until light turns green. Check on your quesadilla, the top should be lightly browned as so... 
STEP 4: Carefully remove quesadilla from maker and place onto plate {we use a knife to help ease the HOT quesadilla off}. We like to add fresh salsa to the center to add some spice! Yummy... {I use mild and hubby uses medium-these salsa's are SO GREAT!} 
STEP 5: Add your sides. We always pair with chips and salsa. We can't get enough of these chips! They are divine... :)
Don't judge us... but on this particular day Brian and I were both home for lunch and we vegged in front of the tele and watched something on Netflix! Ha! 

There ya have it folks-perfection in a quesadilla! Go try one today! You will love it!

Much Love,

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