Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Choosing Joy

Today, I uploaded a bunch of photos from my Iphone to my computer. 
I came across this photo I took the other day for the "May Photo a Day" challenge. It stuck out... 
I began thinking of the meaning of this word. 
I made this "JOY" word out of wire a little over a year ago. I found it a few months ago in a craft box and put it on a linen message board I have by the front door. I chose this particular spot because it is a place I look at daily... I thought it would stick out to me and I would remember to live a happy and joyous life. Each day living in the Joy that the Lord has given to me. 
Well... Somewhere along the line of the hustle and bustle of life and daily business this word got covered by bills, letters, stamp packets and so much more. When I cleaned off the board the other day, it happened to be the day in the photo challenge where you picked a "word you love". I love this word. In a way it instantly convicted me. Where was my joy? Was I living in it? Or was I letting the heaviness of daily stresses get me down and in a funk? I realized quickly that I was not living in joy.
Simple three letter word.
I am reminded today and every day from now on out to live in the Joy that my Heavenly Father has given me. Daily reading my Bible and gaining all I can from it's wisdom. Not letting the small stuff bother me. Loving freely and laughing often just as the quote goes. Being quick to forgive and showing my Joy to everyone I meet... Will you do the same today? I hope you join me in this new challenge.

Much Love,

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