Saturday, May 19, 2012

Coconut Oil Obsession

Question... Are any of you into coconut oil?
I have recently gotten into it. I LOVE it and you can use it for everything! It is amazing in just about every area of your life {literally-every!}. I found THIS website that tells you 160 ways to use coconut oil. 
WOW... 160!!
I can't wait to try them all. This morning I put it on my toast for breakfast with a dab of my Grandma's famous jam on top {thanks for the tip Anna}. It was FANTASTIC! :) You all should try it. I bought mine at Trader Joe's for about five dollars. It comes in a pretty good sized jar. You will thank me after you've used it for the first time. You can substitute it for the oil in most recipes {especially baked goods}. I am still experimenting with this one. So... Needless to say... I {heart} coconut oil!

Here are just a few reasons why I am personally wanting to incorporate coconut oil into my daily living:
1. Cancer {has been shown to prevent colon and breast cancer in laboratory tests}
2. Energy boost
3. Immune System Builder
4.Mental Clarity
5. Stress Relief 
and SOOO much more...

Here are a few new things I want to try with it!
1.Face Wash/ Soap 
4.Body Scrub

Coconut Oil Is:
Anti-bacterial {kills bacteria that cause ulcers, throat infections, urinary tract infections, gum diseases, and other bacterial infections}
Anti-carcinogenic{coconut oil has antimicrobial properties so it effectively prevents the spread of cancer cells and enhances the immune system}
Anti-fungal {kills fungi and yeast that lead to infection}
Anti-inflammatory {appears to have a direct effect in suppressing inflammation and repairing tissue, and it may also contribute by inhibiting harmful intestinal microorganisms that cause chronic inflammation.}
Anti-microbial/Infection Fighting {the medium-chain fatty acids and monoglycerides found in coconut oil are the same as those in human mother’s milk, and they have extraordinary antimicrobial properties. By disrupting the lipid structures of microbes, they inactivate them. About half of coconut oil consists of lauric acid. Lauric acid, its metabolite monolaurin and other fatty acids in coconut oil are known to protect against infection from bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungi and parasites. While not having any negative effect on beneficial gut bacteria, coconut oil inactivates undesirable microbes.}
An Antioxidant {protects against free-radical formation and damage}
Anti-parasitic {fights to rid the body of tapeworms, lice and other parasites}
Anti-protozoa {kills giardia, a common protozoan infection of the gut}
Anti-viral {kills viruses that cause influenza, herpes, measles, hepatitis C, SARS, AIDS, and other viruses}
Infection fighting
Has no harmful for discomforting side effects
Known to improve nutrient absorption {easily digestible; makes vitamins and minerals more available to the body}
Nontoxic to humans and animals

Much Love,
P.S. I was not paid by anyone to write this post! Ha! I just love and believe in this natural product! 

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