Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Long Time, No See and a Wedding

Soooo... It has been FOREVER since I last posted!!! Ahhh!!
I have been crazy busy over here. I went to the East Coast and got home a little over a week ago and I've been going non-stop ever since. Today was my first day off work and I've been spending the day cleaning up "shop" so to speak. I finally unpacked my suitcase {poor hubby's biggest pet-peeve} and so much more. I deep cleaned my pantry and fridge! Major bonus points for moi... Spent a little time with the hubby... And even managed to vacuum the floors. :) I now have a happy hubby! Ha!
Over the next week, I will be posting my pictures from Maryland and New York. I warn you ahead of time, it will be photo overload! You all don't mind, do you?!? Ok cool, I didn't think so! 
So I will leave you with these lovely photos of my sis in-laws wedding this past Saturday. It was a sweet and intimate ceremony in San Francisco right on the beach {fabulous spot}. The backdrop was a gorgeous view of the bridge. Congrats Richard and Michelle, we love you! 
4 sisters. Bride and hubby. Beautiful Bride and I.
My handsome nephew Ethan.
Hubby & I {Dear Lord, he is so HOTT}.

Have a fabulous evening!

Much Love,

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